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Our Vision 

At Frontier Baptist Church, we work to build up God’s church based on biblical models: We view the church as a body, in which all members are connected with each other and to God through Christ, the head. And we regard the church as the family of God, in which all members are related to each other and to God the Father through the blood of Jesus Christ. This ideal of unity and love can become reality when we allow our faith in Jesus Christ to permeate all areas of our lives, from home to school to work.


We are a church that loves to study the Bible, pray, sing, eat, and carry life’s burdens together. We are also committed to letting the world know who Jesus Christ is. Simply put, we strive to obey Jesus’ Great Commandment to love God and love one another (Matthew 22:37-39) and to fulfill His Great Commission to bring his message to the ends of the earth (Matthew 28:19-20).

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